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Honeywell Home Safes

When it comes to protect your valuable items, Honeywell Home Safes is the best choice for businesses and homeowners. They provide fireproof and waterproof and offer high resistant capabilities, coming in different sizes from 0.15 cubic feet to 7.8 cubic feet.

Fireproof and Waterproof Home Safes

Honeywell Fireproof Safes come with digital and combination locks for added security. They are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and are made to stand in fire up to 60 minutes and water up to 24 hours.

All safes come with a 7 year warranty and with fire proof warranty for life! Customers can relax knowing their valuable items are secured even in the worst disasters.

Gun Safes with Added Security Features

Honeywell Gun Safes provide extra security measures that stands the standards of California Department of Justice. Gun safe come in few options a mechanical and adigital models and offer adjustable gun racks.

With Honeywell Security Safes you can make sure that all your valuables are secure from theft or damage, so don’t wait  and get your Honeywell Home Safe today .