Basic Tool Set For Homeowners

Basic Tool Set For Homeowners

As a new homeowner, you need to properly equip your home with essential tools to ensure that you can adequately handle any conceivable maintenance tasks or emergencies. Having the right tools on-hand can save you time and money in the long run, so it’s important to start your tool set off on the right foot. Here is a checklist of the most essential items for your basic tool set:

A Toolbox

The first step in building a reliable tool set is having a sturdy and spacious toolbox. Whether it’s plastic or metal, make sure it has enough room for the other items on this list and more. Invest in a box that will last since all the wear and tear from constant use will certainly take its toll over time.

A Hammer

No toolkit is complete without at least one hammer, preferably one designed for carpentry work. You’ll get plenty of mileage from this versatile item, so don’t skimp when investing in one – buy the best you can afford as it will last much longer.

A Pliers Set

Pliers come in handy for many different uses around the house, so having an array of different types available is always useful. Look out for sets that contain needle nose pliers, wire cutters/strippers, tongue-and-groove pliers and vise grips – these are some of the most commonly used varieties and should provide ample coverage for most typical needs. The Channel Lock Company from Meadville Pennsylvania is renowned for manufacturing high quality pliers; purchase their signature blue grip set to guarantee durability and longevity of use.

An Electric Drill

An electric drill is another key component of any homeowner’s tool set; you’ll be using it to hang objects up as soon as you move into your new home as well as performing other light tasks like drilling holes or removing screws. Make sure to invest wisely here too; look out for specials that provide additional attachments like sanding bits or screwdriver heads if able – these add-ons will give you even more versatility over time.

A Screwdriver Set

Nobody likes digging through drawers searching for just the right screwdriver head size – avoid this frustration by investing in a comprehensive screwdriver kit right off the bat. Multi-headed sets are ideal because they offer different sizes and shaft length variations all in one package; this eliminates guesswork and allows quick access to whatever type of driver you need in any given situation.

A Saw

Saws are incredibly useful tools when doing both indoor and outdoor projects; household tasks such as cutting lumber or trimming door frames are some common uses but they’re also great for heavier work such as tree pruning or dismantling furniture items when needed. Start with a hand saw but feel free to expand your collection if certain tasks demand specialized saws later on down the road (electric saws are great investments too).

A Tape Measure

Accurate measurements are key when doing any kind of construction job, no matter how small – make sure to have an easy locking model tape measure with at least 3/4 inch width on hand at all times; these allow precise measurements while also staying firmly locked into place during usage which saves time in tight spots where quick readings may be necessary .

An Utility Knife

What would certain projects be without an utility knife? This trusty item should never be overlooked – make sure it comes from a reputable brand known for creating quality blades especially sharp knives since there’s nothing worse than having a dull blade when attempting precision cuts (plus these types tend not to stray off course nearly as often). And remember – always cut away from yourself!

A Pair Of Safety Goggles

Last but not the least safety goggles. Your safety is the most important issue and never should be overlooked, so don’t forget about buying safety goggles! It will protect your eyes from flying debris or other potentially dangerous materials. The goggles lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic, providing superior protection compared with glass versions due not shattering upon impact – keep them handy whenever working with power tools just in case something goes wrong!