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Avoid Locking Yourself Out Of A Car

Nobody ever plans to get locked out of his car and no matter how advanced technology has become with central locking and fobs there’s still a risk that you may accidentally lock yourself out.

Here are some useful tips for avoiding locking yourself out:

Always Have A Spare Key

Keeping a spare metal key in your wallet can be very helpful in this situation, but take in mind it may not start your car if it has a transponder key.

Give A Spare Key To A Close Friend

If possible give a spare key to someone who lives nearby so they can come to your rescue. Just remember that they must always be willing to come and help you in a short notice. Giving a spare key to someone that is not available when you need them is worthless!

Contact A Locksmith

If you don’t have a spare key somewhere contact a professional locksmith is best option for getting back into your car quickly. 

Look for companies that specialize in automotive locksmith since these are more likely to have experience to unlock car doors and they also likely provide an accurate quote over the phone before coming out.