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Locksmith vs Handyman

When it comes to performing home repairs and installing new door locks many people are not sure of the differences between a locksmith and a handyman. 

A locksmith is more about handling security issues related to locks like rekey and lockouts, while a handyman may be better for simpler jobs.

Installing New Locks

Handymen usually offer a simple lock installation like deadbolts and doorknobs. However they may not be able to provide rekey services or unlock door. 

On the other hand a professional locksmith can instatll and rekey any lock and they are knowledgeable about different lock options available. Moreover they are trained to unlock doors in emergencies.

What is Recommended?

When deciding between hiring a locksmith or a handyman depends on the type of the job needed to be done. Locksmiths are professionals who specialize in lock and key related services. 

Their expertise is most needed when you want to rekey or repair old locks. They are trained to deal with high security locks or if you require emergency assistance when you’re locked out of your property.

On the other hand handymen are capable of handling a wide range of home repair jobs including basic lock installations. They are cheaper than locksmiths for jobs that not require special knowledge and offer the ability to finish multiple jobs in a single visit. This makes them a convenient choice for general maintenance and repairs around the house.