Digital Locks – What Are They, And Are They Worth It?

Digital Locks – What Are They, And Are They Worth It?

Digital Locks – What Are They, And Are They Worth It?

Digital locks are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional locking mechanisms for many doors and properties. But what exactly are digital locks? What are the best uses for them? And, more importantly, are they worth investing in?.

What Are Digital Door Locks?


In order to understand the potential benefits of digital locks, it’s important to understand exactly what they are and how they work. Digital door locks come in a variety of formats, from card-style systems used in hotels or gyms where users swipe a card to gain access, to biometric locks that use fingerprints or other biometric markers to unlock the door. Key fobs and code locks (where you enter a numerical code) are also popular commercial alternatives. 

Smart Lock Technology

At home, smart locks offer convenience as well as greater control over security. Smart locks can be operated with watches, apps or even ‘smart keys’ depending on the model chosen. This means that homeowners can keep their doors securely locked without having to physically check they’re locked each time they leave the house. Businesses also benefit from digital locks by being able to restrict access in high-traffic areas while still providing convenience for those who need entry.

Are Smart Locks Worth It?

So we know what digital locks are and how they work—but are they worth it? In terms of convenience alone, many homeowners find that being able to lock and unlock their door quickly and easily is enough of an incentive for making the switch. From a security standpoint, smart locks add another layer of security since intruders cannot simply pick or force open the lock like with traditional methods. Additionally, some models even come with alarms which will sound when someone attempts forced entry into your property.

Should I Get A Digital Lock?

Ultimately, whether or not investing in a digital lock is worth it depends on your individual needs and preferences – but if you’re looking for greater peace of mind when it comes to securing your home or business then it might be something worth considering. An experienced locksmith can help you pick out the right option based on your specific requirements – so why not get in touch today?