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12 Ways Garage Doors Can Help Secure Homes

Garage doors are often seen as a weak door that can easily be open by a thieves. However there are steps you can take to secure your garage door.

Secure the Emergency Release – make sure the emergency release of the garage door opener is connected in a way that allows it to function properly.

Keep Remotes Hidden – Do not leave your garage door opener remotes anywhere that they could be stolen like inside your car.

Use DeadboltsInstall a deadbolt lock on the door for an extra level of security.

Don’t Leave Your Door Open – Prevent criminals from look inside your garage by keeping it closed all the times

Reinforce Interior Doors – Replace any cheap interior doors with steel or wood doors so they cannot be broken down easily.

Block Any Glimpse Inside – Make sure that no windows in or around the garage that provide people passing by and  look inside.

Use Wide Angle Peepholes – Install wide angle peepholes on all doors including those between homes and the garage so you can get an idea of who is at your doorstep before opening it.

Maintain Your Garage Door –  inspected the garage door periodically by a professional and make sure all problems are fixed.

Invest In Heavy Duty Garage Door – Replace older door with a new heavy duty garage door that is more durable.

Don’t Give Information on What You Have Inside – Don’t keep valuables items in the garage! 

Consider Motion Sensor Lighting – Installing motion sensor lights outside your garage will keep trespassers out!

Security Cameras & AlarmsInstall security cameras and alarm system around the house for your insurance company.