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3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Car Ignition From Damage

Imagine you’re ready to start your day and you get inside your car slide your key into the ignition but it doesn’t turn. You take a closer look and realize that your ignition is damaged and refuse to turn or start your car.

Fortunately there are some simple steps you can take to protect your car’s ignition and avoid this situation.

Remove Heavy Key Chain

Too many keys on your key chain add extra weight on the ignition and every time you insert your key you bent it a little. Over time this can cause the car key not to fit or turn anymore. To avoid this issue make sure that your keychain is limited only to the necessary keys to you car.

Disengage Ignition Lock Properly

Sometimes drivers might mistakenly move their steering wheel after turning off their engine and in doing so they lock the steering wheel. This makes it difficult for drivers to start the car without breaking their key off in the ignition. 

To prevent this problem make sure that your ignition lock is disengaged by turning the steering wheel back and forth before any other action is taken. Never try to force turning of the key in the ignition as it might break off inside it!

Make Sure You Use The Right Key

It may seem like common sense but double check what car you are using before inserting any key. Some drivers may unintentionally use a wrong key to start the engine. 

They may try to insert the wrong key into their car ignition and damage it. If you ever find yourself in this situation it’s best not to attempt and try to fix it by yourself becuse you can create even more bigger problems.