Lock Repair

Reparing Locks with Expert Care and Precision

Keeping your locks in proper working order to make sure your property secure. By over time use the locks can damages and make them difficult to operate.

Many times it is possible to have the lock repaired rather than replaced. Depending on the type of lock tor the damage and the you might be better off getting a professional locksmith in to repair the lock.

At Baltimore Door and Lock we specialize in repairing residential, commercial and automotive locks. Our team of technicians have worked with a wide range of locks over the years and are able to identify problems quickly. 

Before beginning any work they will assess the problematic lock carefully to determine precisely what has gone wrong with it and let you know whether a repair or replacement would be the best option.

We offer lock repair services for deadbalt, doorknobe, mailboxes, window locks, garage door locks, keyless entry locks and smart locks.

Request a Lock Repair Service:

If you detect problem with your lock don’t wait until your lock becomes completely destroyed. Call Baltimore Door and Lock right away we are available 24/7 to handle all your lock issue.